The Faculty of Education was established in Benghazi based on the decree number 200 in 2004 as an educational and practical institute concerning with preparing and over-qualifying teachers to satisfy the community’s educational and vocational needs.

Throughout its vision, the faculty has ever sought to achieve distinction and leadership through preparing active qualified teachers, educational leaders, and outstanding research papers. The core mission of the faculty is to prepare and train undergrad teachers, who believe in their missions and abilities of creativity and competition.

 To achieve its tendencies, the faculty has formulated its own factual, specific, and explicit objectives. The faculty, moreover, has designed a clear strategy to achieve these objectives. The core of this strategy is the teamwork and preference of the faculty’s benefits over the individual’s for the sake of achieving the faculty’s objectives and compete in all its facets to reach distinction. In the framework of performing its total plans, the faculty’s administration depends on various continual assessment results (pre, post, and during) in a serious attempt to make sure of applicability and safety of these plans, determination of challenges, and permanent strategies and development to guarantee keeping pace of development and modernization. 


Finally, I beg good luck and guidance from Allah

Peace be upon you


Dr. Michael EdrisRafadi

Dean of Faculty of Education - Benghazi