The faculty’s vision is to achieve educational distinction and leadership, which participate in building the knowledge community throughout graduating active qualified teachers and educational leaders as well as conducting scientific research to enhance the educational process in the community.



The faculty’smission is to prepare and train high-school teachers, who believe in their abilities to perform their missions and able to compete in the marketplace for the sake of participating in the process of building an educational community capable to compete globally. Thismission is fulfilled through: developing the faculty’s programs and various units in a way to fulfill the community’s various needs; solving the practical educational problems and sustainable development challenges; and offering initiatives of educational reforms through purposeful scientific research, which participates in developing and serving the community based on academic standards.   



The faculty’s objectives can be summed up in the following:

- Preparing well-qualified teachers that can fulfill their educational, academic, and moral missions efficiently and distinguishably.

- Participating in serving the community and activating partnership between the faculty’s departments and the community’s various institutions through research projects and consulting services that might participate in developing education and solving the community’s problems.

- Having a commitment of leadership and innovation in providing high quality courses, educational programs, and educational activities in all the faculty’s departments. 

- Establishing and applying an inclusive educational calendar system for the development of all administrative services; academic, vocational, and educational programs; and student activities.

- Continuous improvement in educational efficiency and the faculty’s ability to spread the concept of quality.

- Preparing training programs and courses for graduates in the Ministry of Higher Education for the sake of polishing their skills, abilities, and experiences, which qualify them to join marketplace successfully and fill the future needs.

- Providing the sustainable development for member staff and administrators through various training courses and workshops.

Motivating and supporting researchers to produce outstanding scientific research for the sake of presentation in local and international conferences and seminars.