The below are the requirements for a student to grant a bachelor of education:

1. A student should meet the faculty’s requirements  determined by the faculty’s and High Education Ministry’s decrees.

2 A student should submit a general or specialized high-school degree or other overseas high-school degree credited by authorities concerned. 

3. A student should be 100% regular.

4. A student should be mentally and physically fit and capable to perform theoretical and practical lessons.

5. A student should successfully pass admission tests and interviews conducted by the faculty to make sure of his/her capabilities to perform the job of teaching.

6. A student should neither be dismissed from any other faculty or university for whatever academic or moral reasons nor be convicted.

7. In case of overseas students, a student should be regularly and legally resident in Libya and pays the tuition fees based to decrees and regulations of Libyan universities.

A student should fill out a commitment form to follow all the faculty’s regulations and decrees.